High-Temperature Sensors

High-Temperature thermocouples are particularly suitable for use in extremely high temperature ranges. The platinum thermocouple type R, S, B and C as well as the manufactured materials withstand temperatures up to 1,800 °C. The double protective tubes made of ceramic or metal provide the necessary heat resistance.

For example, our high-temperature sensors are reliable in temperature measurements in hot gas environments in the glass, ceramics and metal industries and heat treatment and combustion processes, due to their temperature resistance.


Typical Applications:
  • Glass Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • in Heat Treatment Processes
  • in Combustion Processes

For the exact temperature measurements in glass melts, Thermo Sensor mainly manufactures thermocouples with precious metal thermal pairing. For example, sensors with platinum protective tubes or ceramic protective tubes with platinum tip. Platinum elements have a particularly long service life on the one hand, but also an extremely high temperature resistance up to almost 1,650 °C and a high measuring accuracy.

Thermo Sensor offers different types of these special thermocouples, e.g. with different protective sleeves or as an angle design - always precisely adapted to the respective project requirements. At the company's headquarters in Werne, Thermo Sensor manufactures thermocouples type K, type N, resistance sensors, standard or mini plugs, as well as high-temperature ceramic sensors and clamping fittings.


Straight TC vacuum-sealed
Straight TC with ceramic outer protection tube
Straight TC with metallic outer protection tube
Straight TC with ceramic protective tube and platinum protective sleeve

High Temperature Sensor not flexible
Platinum coated two-part Sheath TC
Sheath TC in flexible design