Resistance Thermometers

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Thermo Sensor resistance thermometers

Our resistance thermometers are successfully used for temperature measurements in industrial applications.

Temperature dependence of the electric resistance of metals, semi-condustors and ceramics is used as measuring effect. By voltage drop measurements the temperature-affected resistance can be recorded. 

Our sensors have a high accuracy. We are able to offer sensors made of 1/10 class B (0.03 °C at 0 °C). Having to withstand adverse conditions during long-duration measurements resistance thermometers made by Thermo Sensor are long-time stable and are frequently used in research and development laboratories.

Thermo Sensors resistance thermometers are available in many versions and different types, e.g. Pt100, Pt500, NTCs and PtCs as well as many installation options for example as bayonet caps, magnets, glue pads, protectiv tubes or screw-in sensors.

For certain applications we offer various certificates. Our sensors are applicable for temperature ranges from -200 °C up to +800 °C.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Highly-precise
  • Largely resistant against electrical disturbances
  • Long-time stable
  • Almost linear characteristic

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