Straight Thermocouple with ceramic protection tube and platinum sleeve

In the glass industry, thermocouples with protective sleeves made of platinum alloys are used for direct temperature measurement in liquid media up to +1600 °C. Since the probe tip is in direct contact with the melt, only the highest quality materials can be used here. This thermocouple is available as a single, double and triple element. As a triple thermocouple, it has the task of monitoring the thermal homogeneity of the glass melt.

In the so-called matrix measurement, the temperature zones are precisely controlled and checked. This is the prerequisite for the even distribution of the glass in the mold. All thermocouples are manufactured in our factory. Various dimensions and platinum alloys are available. This makes it possible for us to produce special shapes especially for our customers.

The sensor is generally available in all thermal pairings (e.g. type K, J) and corresponds to class 1 according to DIN EN 60584. Various connection head variants are available.


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