Training professions

Thermo Sensor's Trainees

Electronics technician for energy and building technology

You are interested in electronics and the planning of the electronic supply of buildings?

Then this training is just right for you.

As an electronics technician for energy and building technology, you are of course not only responsible for installing sockets and light switches or fuses. Rather, it is your task to install complex energy systems as well as electronic control and regulation systems, e.g. room climate controls, alarm systems and door control systems. Once you have installed the systems, checking and maintaining them is also part of your tasks. As an electronics technician for energy and building technology, you will check the electronic systems at regular intervals. If you discover errors, you also take over the repair immediately. Checking the equipment is very important to avoid long failures.

The period of training is usually threee and a half years.

Industrial Clerk

You like working with people and you like computer work? Also, do you like varied activities?

Then this training is the right one for you. During your apprenticeship as industrial clerk you will get to know the individual processes of an industrial company, i.e. from the enquiry to the delivery of the goods.

This includes writing offers, process orders, purchase order-related, create production orders, print delivery notes and issue invoices.

As industrial clerk you should have a basic technical knowledge and enjoy working with people because the customer and supplier contact is very important in this profession.

The period of training is usually 3 years.


Are you interested in mechanics, electronics and computer science? Do you enjoy learning more about these areas?

Then this training is the right one for you. Mechatronics are mechanics and electricians at the same time. They assemble mechanical, electromechanical, electrical and electronic components to create mechatronical systems, install control software and service systems.

From the automotive production to the washing machine, from the x-ray machine to the coffee machine nowadays almost every mechanical component is controlled electronically. Therefore the profession of a mechatronic is versatile and has a good future.

Mechatronics are employed in various industrial sectors, for example in the automotive industry, electrical industry, steel industry or in the machinery and plant engineering.

During your apprenticeship you will be responsible for the repair of our machines.

The period of training is usually 3.5 years.

Technical Product Designer

Your spatial imagination is very good? Do you like to draw exactly?

Then this training is the right one for you. During your apprenticeship as technical production designer you will learn how to create three-dimensional drawings for components and subassemblies.

You will get to know the produciton process from the purchase order to the delivery of the goods. Production designers also create technical parts lists and designs. You will also get in touch with our customers.

The period of training is usually 3.5 years.

Machining Mechanic

You are skilled in craftsmanship and have a good eye for details? You are interested in maths and physics and like working on the computer?

Then this training is the right one for you. As a machining mechanic, you manufacture workpieces of various shapes on conventional or computer-controlled machine tools, such as clamping fittings, nipples and pins.

You are involved in the planning of the production process and set up the machines. What is important in this profession is a good sense of proportion and a high ability to concentrate. You will spend most of your training in our filming shop. The rotary mill of Thermo Sensor GmbH has 11 CNC long-term lathes and 2 CNC milling machines.

In order to successfully complete your three-and-a-half-year training as a machining mechanic, you should have a good spatial imagination and be technically skilled. A machining mechanic must be able to calculate lengths, surfaces, room contents and angles – which is why good math skills are an advantage, especially in geometry. In addition, you should have taken good care in physics to determine material properties such as load capacity or stretchability.

Dual Studies Dual Studies in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Are you interested in technology and maths? And do you like to take responsibility for a team?

Then these studies are the right ones for you. At Thermo Sensor, we offer young people the opportunity to combine an education with a degree.

This new type of training lasts about 4.5 years and includes training as a technical product designer (FR machine and plant design) as well as a bachelor of engineering degree at the FOM.

This requires a good to very good Abitur, good achievements in mathematics and the fields of science as well as an enthusiasm for technology.