Vacuum-tight temperature sensors

There are metals that can only be heat treated under inert gas, reaction gas or in vacuum. For this purpose, vacuum-tight temperature sensors from Thermo Sensor are used to maintain the appropriate atmosphere during the process. As a vacuum-tight sensor, Thermo Sensor, for example, offers straight elements with up to 2 measuring points. These are available e.g. in the versions type K, N, S, R, B or also C and D. Various connection heads or housings are also available.

The connection to the furnace or the system can be carried out differently, e.g. by means of a tightly welded KF flange or also by means of a vacuum-tight pipe crushing screw.   The pipe crushing has the advantage that the thermocouple can be moved in its immersion depth. Since the vacuum thermocouples are pipe constructions, the elements are not bendable.

Just like all other sensors in our company, every vacuum-tight sensor undergoes a final check. In addition, we perform a leak test on the vacuum-tight probes. For this purpose, a vacuum between 10 -7 and 10 -9 mbar is generated. If you would like to check your sensors for vacuum tightness, we are happy to offer you this service. Contact us, we will be happy to support you! Depending on your wishes, we will also issue you a certificate of tightness per sensor.