Why Thermo Sensor?

Development Opportunities for Employees

Thermo Sensor offers its employees a secure job with the best development opportunities in a state-of-the-art and impressive company headquarters. We are pleased about your experiences and ideas, which you can contribute to us with a lot of initiative and can thus actively shape the development and growth of the company. We are particularly distinguished by flexible working time models as well as flat hierarchies and fast decision-making paths.

Promoting and Securing Employees

Thermo Sensor offers all employees a company-supported retirement provision. The amount is linked to the period of employment in the company and amounts to up to 1,200 euros p.a. We also offer weekly language courses in English and German, which are conducted by certified language teachers and, as required, various computer courses (e.g. in Excel or Microsoft Office). The courses are free of charge and take place in the company. The company also offers further training courses for the employees as a master, technician, bachelor or master's degree as well as dual courses in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

The Thermo Sensor Restaurant

In the in-house restaurant, a 4-person kitchen team provides the approximately 200 employees with fresh food. In the morning there is a rich breakfast and for lunch employees can choose between three dishes. If you want, you can also take home meals for the family. Thus, Thermo Sensor contributes to a balanced diet for its employees and make their everyday life easier.
The food at Thermo Sensor Restaurant is aimed at a healthy diet. On the one hand, there is only organic raw food as well as meat and sausage from animals from the region that are kept in an appropriate manner. Instead of resorting to unhealthy sugar, the food is sweetened exclusively with in-house honey produced on the company's premises and the low-calorie, natural sweetener Xucker. All staff is provided with fruit and water and that is free of charge.

A good working climate is important

The exchange of employees among themselves is very important to the company. That is why every employee gets a cake for his birthday, which he/she can then enjoy together with his/her colleagues in the restaurant. Regular company outings and annual leisure activities of the respective departments promote the exchange of colleagues among themselves and contribute to a healthy working environment. Employee health is also a top priority at Thermo Sensor; through weekly health courses in the company's own relaxation room, the company enables a balance to the daily job and thus ensures the fitness of the employees.